Audio Consulting

Austin Audio/Video Consulting works with clients in the pursuit of exceptional Tonal Balance, Resonance and Clarity to achieve the highest level of visual and sound quality in any setting.

Through technology and experience, we can:
*Evaluate the need for Acoustic treatments to reduce reflection and reverberation allowing the best performance from your audio system.

*Evaluate the requirements of your organization and how to best reach those goals within your budget

*Assess recording equipment, techniques and capabilities

*Recommend user-friendly integrated control systems

Whether in the pre-construction phase or in existing structures, our Consulting team delivers professional experience for the concept and design of your project. On any new construction projects, our consultations with the architect could result in reduced costs and improved quality.

We can work to coordinate with ANY audio/visual company in order to meet your specific needs, and fit your budget.

We also assist with recommendations and training on how to get the most from your existing equipment.

Inquire today about the unlimited potential within your facilities.

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