Let us  help you transform your Audio Visual ideas for your business into reality.
We specialize in churches, conference rooms, auditoriums, theater rooms and everything in between.

Austin Audio will work with you, to create professional quality sounds and projection systems for your business or event. We provide you with equipment, training, and technology to record your next service or special event. We supply TASCAM recording products with the ability to record in the format of your choice.

Commercial Equipment Design & Installations:

Whether you need new lighting for your corporate office, stage theater or architectural lighting, we want to help you design and install a state of the art audio/visual system that suits your needs. Our team begins all projects with a consultation service to ensure exactly what you are looking for in your new installment.
We provide everything you need from a state of the art audio system to the video projection.

The most important part to us is making sure it all complements your building’s design and is not obtrusive to your guests’ eyes!

Now installing the amazing Mondopad!
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  1. We have an opportunity to move into a larger space and it includes a very large hotel ballroom style meeting space that includes three meeting rooms (1050 Sqft, 1250 sqft, 680 sqft) that could be combined into one very large room. We intend to use it as meeting spaces and would like the rooms to be able to combine into two or three very large rooms. We need help making this happen.

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